Last update: 2022-07-18


My name is Damien Desfontaines — also known as Ted, or any pseudonym recognized by the (Ted)+ regular expression — and this is the sober version of my personal webpage. The fancier one, which is now quite outdated, can be found right here.

About me

I'm a senior scientist at Tumult Labs, a startup focusing on differential privacy. Before that, I was leading the anonymization consulting team at Google. My job is to make it easy to safely anonymize data.

In December 2020, I defended my PhD thesis at ETH Zürich, which I worked on part-time in the Information Security Group, under the supervision of David Basin.

Previously, I studied at the École normale supérieure, where I completed a Master's degree in mathematical logic and theoretical computer science called the LMFI. Before that, I did the first year of the MPRI, a theoretical computer science master.

You can find more information on my LinkedIn profile. I'm also @TedOnPrivacy on Twitter, and on Mastodon.

Scientific papers

When I was studying for my Master's degree, I worked on pretty theoretical stuff.

Since then I've been working on data anonymization.

Other publications

I have a blog, where I mostly write about anonymization in simple terms. I recommend starting with my friendly introduction to differential privacy, for which I've gotten good feedback from a number of folks.

I published my PhD thesis online as a series of Web pages. Its index highlights the sections that don't have too much math in them, in an effort to make parts of it accessible for people who aren't experts.

During the COVID-19 crisis, I helped several efforts to publish anonymized data from Google users to help researchers and public health authorities understand and combat the pandemic. For three of these projects, we published a technical description of the anonymization process:

In 2020, I was interviewed by the ACM with my colleague Miguel Guevara to discuss our efforts around differential privacy. The interview (PDF) was published in ACM Queue and Communications of the ACM.

Finally, I write code from time to time. In my previous job, I contributed to Google's differential privacy libraries, parts of which are open-source. More recently, I've been working on Tumult Analytics, an open-source library for differential privacy built by my colleagues and I at Tumult Labs.

Things I like, things I do


To get in touch with me, you can send an e-mail to se.niatnofsed@neimad (beware when copying it). I also use WhatsApp and Signal, feel free to ask me for my number if that's your favorite communication method.

I also love to send and receive postcards. If that's also your thing, don't hesitate to ask me for my mailing address ♥