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« So, how does your part-time PhD arrangement actually work? »

I got this question many times. So I thought I'd answer it, along with other frequent questions about this arrangement.

Differential privacy in (a bit) more detail

Why does differential privacy work so well? Let's look at it more closely.

Why differential privacy is awesome

A non-technical explanation of differential privacy and its advantages.

δ-presence, for when being in the dataset is sensitive

δ-presence is a privacy notion which captures a different attack model than what we've previously seen. Let's understand why yet another definition is necessary, and what the solution looks like!

l-diversity, because reidentification doesn't tell the whole story

l-diversity is the first famous attempt at considering stronger attack models than simply reidentification attacks. Let's see how it works, and which flaws of k-anonmyity it fixes!

Book review: Crash Override

A short review of Crash Override, by Zoë Quinn. tl;dr: you should read it, especially if you're building tech products or working in tech policy.

k-map, the weird cousin of k-anonymity

Weakening k-anonymity, really? This sounds weird, but this can actually quite reasonable. Let's learn why!

Book review: Twitter and Tear Gas

A short review of Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest, by Zeynep Tufekci. tl;dr: you should read it, especially if you participate in activist movements.

Biometrics: authentication or identification?

Know the difference. It can probably not save your life, but it can certainly avoid you saying nonsensical things on the Internet.

k-anonymity, the parent of all privacy definitions

How a privacy researcher proved a politician wrong, and how she created the first ever definition of anonymity in the process.


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